Part 3 – SECRETS OF WORLD CLASS LISTENERS for Your Personal & Professional Life

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LIFE in Full Expression with Beth Wolfe: Explore, Elevate, and Expand
Part 3 - SECRETS OF WORLD CLASS LISTENERS for Your Personal & Professional Life

PART 3 – In this Episode of LIFE in Full Expression Explore, Elevate and Expand Your Power of Listening!

Discover how to enjoy greater career achievement, more loving relationships, and an all-around incredible life, all by having an ear for the opportunities already around you…

People often think being a good listener is about 3 things:

  1. Remaining silent while others are talking
  2. Using facial expressions or verbal cues like mmm-hmm
  3. Being able to repeat what the other person said, word-for-word

Yet surprisingly, those things actually have almost nothing to do with good listening!
In fact, some of the best listeners actually go against that common advice…
And they enjoy the rewards because of it.
Listening and I mean really listening to people like your partner, coworker, boss, or child

Is perhaps the biggest opportunity in life.

It (1) opens more doors, (2) transforms relationships, and (3) helps you get more of what you want out of life.

Yet, no one ever really teaches you how to listen effectively! There s no class for Listening 101 …until now!
But We Already Know What Good Listening Is Don t We? Listening seems pretty straightforward After all, everyone s got two ears to help them do it…But as we ve discussed, it s about much more than remaining silent while others are talking or repeating what a person says word-for-word The common advice about listening makes sense logically…But it fails to take into account how people can truly communicate on a deep level. In fact, when you start using true listening skills

It can be a powerful way to increase your own influence and likeability. Use these tactics, and you ll not only help the person you re listening to You ll help yourself. It s time to forget about everything you ve heard about listening, and get ready to take things to the next level…Join me in this next EPISODE of Life In Full Expression to discover and learn these world class secrets

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