Beth Wolfe

My life has been dedicated to loving and supporting humans to know their innate worth, and reclaim what is possible for their life and soul’s expression.


MASTER life COACH / CHIEF creator
& Vision

My work weaves a 35+ year career in athletic and occupational medicine as a prevention, rehabilitation and educational specialist, with 7 years as a master life coach, global volunteer and service work, and a lifetime of exploring, elevating and expanding my own true expression.

In my previous career working with Olympic-level athletes, I learned that success does not happen on your own. Peak Performance and excellence requires unshakeable self trust, a crystal clear vision, and a diverse team of people around you. As a master life coach, I help individuals from around the world create a life that has aliveness, harmony, meaning, health and fun!

Master Life Coach

Master Idea Generator & Solutions Creator

Chief Creator & Founder, Beth Wolfe Global Solutions

3rd-Generation Entrepreneur



Beth uses her visionary and strategic skills to help clients discover clarity, develop their capabilities, and deliver their expansive expression into their every day life. She uses her gifts of empathy, and heart-based wisdom to help her clients connect to their true nature, begin to trust themselves, and unlock the confidence and power to take bold action in their lives.

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, Education & Athletic Medicine, University of Puget Sound
  • Certified Athletic Trainer, Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer – BOCAT
  • Licensed Athletic Trainer, and Health Care Provider, Washington State Department of Health
  • Adjunct Faculty Professor, MESH Department – Olympic College
  • Washington State Initial Teaching Certificate, Physical Education, Biology and Health
  • Member of National Athletic Trainer’s Association
  • Certified Life Mastery Consultant & Coach, Brave Thinking Institute
  • Prevention In Motion, Founder & Owner of Athletic & Occupational Consulting Business


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“Beth really listens. She will work through what is holding you back from achieving what you have always wanted for yourself. Invest in yourself with Beth’s training. You will wished you had done it years ago.”

Jonee Dubos



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“ The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams “

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