EIGHT DIMENSION OF Life In Full Expression

Become a Productivity MASTER


  • Learn 5 keys to what the most successful people do – their productivity secrets and strategies
  • Learn 4 key habits how to win at productivity – what does it really look like?
  • Learn how to schedule your work around your attention and energy level
  • Learn to create your own productivity system
  • Learn how to overcome resistance and keep up momentum


Go For Your Goals From Your Soul

  • Learn 5 keys to setting powerful soulful goals that activate your built-in motivation, so you don’t need to relay on will power
  • Learn and shake off other people’s expectations & lean into your meaningful goals
  • Discover how to find the fuel to create lasting changes
  • Discover how to keep leaning into your goals so you follow through
  • Discover how to use 90-day milestones to stay on your target
  • Discover how to turn giant goals into achievable action plan, so you know where to start and don’t feel overwhelmed
  • Weekly rituals & 7 tactics to ensure you stick to and achieve your goals
  • 5 obstacles that may derail your goals


Transform Your STRESS to Bliss

  • Will help you challenge the common belief that stress is inherently harmful to our health
  • Uncover new, more adaptive ways of thinking about and responding to stress
  • You’ll learn how to get better at coping with stress, and how to embrace the stress in your life


Create Relationships That Last Course

Creating Lasting RELATIONSHIPS

  • Know the impact your relationships have on all aspects of your life
  • Find out that your responses can be in your small daily interactions that can make or break your relationships
  • Get to know four characteristics possessed by people that are masterful at building and nurturing positive relationships
  • Get to know a process for repairing relationships when some conflict has caused some damaged


The POWER of Listening

  • Discover what good listenig is — and is not
  • Learn how to un-hijack your brain and listen when emotions are high
  • Discover how to employ effective listening skill in business
  • Learn how to make helpful suggestions to the person you;=’re listening to, while also building their self-esteem
  • And…understand someone’s full communication — listening at the next level.


“I have known and worked with Beth for years. She brings a positive and organized approach as a Master Life Coach. Helping to identify personal and business goals for success. She can also give training seminars on a wide variety of topics for the whole staff.”

Thanks Beth

Joel Baxter

B & B Auto, Fleet & RV Repair

Inspirational Quote

“ Every great work, every great accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement.”

Florence Scovel Shinn

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