Learn The Surprising Secrets of the World’s Most Connected People and How to Create Relationships that Last!

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Live Your Life in Full Expression Podcast with Beth Wolfe
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Learn The Surprising Secrets of the World's Most Connected People and How to Create Relationships that Last!

In life, our relationships are the source of almost everything that matters. Good relationships bring us happiness, fulfillment, opportunities, comfort, and support. Our relationships keep us grounded during hard times. They enable us to thrive in our careers and our personal lives. They help us grow into our own potential.

So why aren’t we ever formally taught relationships skills?

Our ability to build strong, nurturing relationships is the key to our success and happiness…and yet, we’re often left guessing how to foster intimacy, partnership and community through relationships.

Why Relationships Struggle
Many people take their relationships for granted. Whether they’re interacting with a boass, a coworker, a friend, a family member or a significant other…they get comfortable with the relationship as it currently is. They “go throught the motions” without taking time to check in. They fail to actively work at deepening their connections with the other person. The result is often miscommunication, distance, and hurt feelings. The relationship may begin to feel stagnant, unfulfilling or difficult. And when these problems emerge, it can feel like there’s no way to move forward. That’s where relationship-building skills — that anyone can learn — come into play.

In this episode come discover:

The type of mindset you need to create maintain expceptional relationships
Why good relationships do not result from big, grand gestures…but from normal everyday interactions
4 keys to building rock-solid relationships
The secret to relationship-building that’s hidden in plain sight
3 steps to help somone see your point of view when you’re upset or angry in the relationship
The wrong way to handle a request for help from a partner, friend, or coworker when they reach out
How to handle conflect and repair damage when there’s been a challenge or misunderstanding in the relationship

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